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My name is Charles “Randy” Tuer.  I graduated from a large, well-respected and nationally accredited police department’s training academy in the Baltimore, Maryland area in… gasp… 1985.  I went on to serve as a deputy sheriff, a police officer and a police detective for a combined total of twenty-two years.  Upon retiring from my law enforcement career, I obtained my private detective license for Pennsylvania through York County in 2006 and have served in that capacity ever since.  Though I engage in investigative work primarily in the York, Pennsylvania area, I routinely conduct searches for absent people nationwide.  All said, I have more than three decades of extensive training, knowledge and experience in both the investigative realm and with finding people for my attorney clients.  


I completely understand how busy attorneys can be at times, so I strive to make access to my services as convenient as possible.  If you have a criminal defense or civil matter to discuss, please call or send me an email.  If you are trying to find a Witness, Heir, Defendant or even a Missing Client, please select the “Find people” button to the left for additional information.